Thursday, January 1, 2015

" All Wrapped Up for 2014 "

Two thousand and fourteen i found a lot of things that i'm searching for . Yes should be fun, sad, happy, joyful and hurt . All these feeling i has feel at the end of the year and so far 2014 has been good than previous year. The best part is i got a lot of experience and knowledge , i got new environment to adapt on and I learn and keep learning what i'm to be for future. the saddest part when i cant changes my attitude to be better. It was sad because this is the wishlist starting being a student last 3 years. So far,no change still late for works and other activities . but ignore just want to tell about the happiness all the time.

burn your past
create your happiness
Let's begin
i found my partner for gossip in practical
i choose to being healthy
i met my friends after practical
i got a job
i love my job
i spread my passion
i practice my hobby
being a books lover
spending time with my hobby interest and passion
i plan very well for future
i got a new friend
i spend a lot of time with friends/best friends
i exposed to business which is my dream
i can create a new conversation (dummy / blur) then i can
i learn myself very well

i drink water on time
i appreciate my self being a worker and part time student
than i challenges my self to achieve my target *workinglife
i love being close with family even a part from friends
than i love my family
they are my strength
and my soul
to complete my journey even it is hard
and the best
i got a  lot of experience
improve my skill 
increase my confidence level
then found my passion closely
which is my dream and my future to be
this is what i found happiness in 2014

but i would like to share the saddest part *giggles
i cant manage my time properly
i cant divide what is the priority
i cant even know how to convince my self for others
i cant decide a decision even for myself
i still being a King of being late *for class and office
i'm difficult to cry on someone and myself indeed.
still being a secret person
lack of on personalisation
being cool and relax *even it's serious
cant control my budget as well
the worse part
i eat a lot
cant travel *wish to complete it this year 
time is quite tight
i never loose my target weight 

 target is to improve the saddest part into happiness
than to put my passion as my profession

Happy New Year 
May 2015 giving a lot of new changes for you and me
Btw Pray for my FinalExam soon *crying

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