Thursday, October 22, 2015


I'm lost
when i don't have any idea to pursue my life
I don't know what is my passion and interest actually

I'm feel very appreciate if you or anybody can predict the best for me
I'm just lost what type of field that i have to expose
I have something that need to all out
but unfortunately i don't know what it is

I will say yes for all what i did.
I'm still with my interest and say yes for my passion.
I don't know how to kill this type of feeling.

I want to find the true me
the real me like what i did last two years
i need a new environment
with beautiful sunset, in the cruise
looking to the best sea-view
feel fresh and happy
to decide
what i am to be

for three years later.
life is unpredictable
if you're not strong enough to face this 'Life'
Learn to appreciate yourself in no matter decision you did
Put sincere first in what ever did you do.
Take Him as your first step to move

Strictly to find myself
Be strong!

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H Reborn said...

Hey it's been a while since you last post. Still look forward to read any of your new post, kak :)