Thursday, July 28, 2011

NeW LiFe

Salam.Heyy,there finally i'm online-ing using my roomate's laptop huhu!no really it's been like a month i don't have to access internet.Since the wireless network of PMS is unsecured which i don't know why,i can barely online.Urgghh like seriously i miss everyone on facebook and heree a big thanks to my roomate 'Aliyah' for giving me a laptop and broadband*pinjam je kkkk*hahaha

Ok stop.let's update.i've been for more than a week.actually around a month la.huhu thank GOD MSK week's done cause i hate it!well,who likes orientation anyway?ade ke? need to line up for foods,walks like thousand miles to the hall,line up for a showers's hella torturing mannnnn!
but after all this,it's not that bad since it's a new experience for me being apart from my family for the first time okkkeh and oh,i've made quite a few friends too.nyway my coursemate roomate chill gila lahh hohoho.happening kotttt.

p/s:i miss my family and friends a lot.i'll be back AidilFitri nihhh.
Salam Ramdhan to all readers and bloggerr especially my coursemate rajin2 ler update blog yerrr.kihkihkih*bajet famous*

motif picture:banyak assignment!
Last But Not Least

bye bye.

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