Monday, June 23, 2014

Well said,miss a lot.

Well said ,

i'm really miss ridiculous things we did
i'm really miss the simplest things i did in diploma
i'm really miss my roommates classmates and deskmates
i'm really miss the spontaneous thing that we did together
i'm really miss the way we solve the problems
i'm really miss the dreams we think for future
even it was like 'hangat hangat tahi ayam'
but we did and we share,
we have too much effort in planning right?
in memories
the time we're step into town
the time when we're late to class
the time we're choosing a meal
the time we're debate for a money
the time to submit last minute project
the time we're travel without any direction
the time we're rushing like a clown
the time we're force to complete an assignment
sometime we're fight and become silence
it's seem awkward enough to make a first step
but it's okay
we're still can handle it right?
the place in our memory
the rest i’m struggling much
the song we sing together
the current issues we debates
the jokes, laugh and emotion
the room and class
all the time i was there
just to finish my study
but today all those thriller things i did
has ended very fast,
i don't know why this feeling is too much.
but i'm really miss.
Insyaallah next year,we will officially graduate together.
till then,we'll meet soon.

Sometime all these moments that i really miss
will make my tears
will burst my eyes
it’s a normal me.
i can't stand
when i'm sad
i can't tear it out
miracle has happened.
it is normal ? #confuse

You know what,we completed each other for three years there 
by our ability,weakness and strength with unexpected achievement!
May our friendship is long lasting forever okay ?
Dear friends, did you miss me ?
Good Night,everybody

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