Monday, September 8, 2014

dreaming for a time

Life is getting more harder than i think . I just done for my diploma and i'm working about four months and i feel working is more hectic than study.that's why the number of my entry year by year makin berkurang dan ini adalah faktor masa yang susah untuk aku manage to keep writing in the same emotion. so for now i just write it short and simple what's my life is going on.

kalau masa boleh push and pull sesuka hati,aku rasa nak pull biar lambat sebab aku bukan yang jenis cepat pickup,cepat bergerak sebab kadang kadang aku selalu still in a blur situation.masa sekarang sangat sangat cepat sampai aku langsung tak rasa cuti .even cuti sabtu dan ahad,mostly cuti banyak full filled with events and programs that i never expect and plan.But i ran to complete all the events to the end without any instruction.jenis last minute yang really hard to avoid because it's my habit. even i planned it early ,i organized it step by step but when it getting to start i'm the who is rushing enough.kadang kadang sampai penat macam berlari 100,000 kilometers even i'm driving or even pakai waze pun still rushing ! and kadang kadang fed up but its something that i can't avoid.*my weakness  but i'm grateful enough all the plan run well and at the end i feel puas.Alhamdulilah.

i need a vacation for a moment but i can't find the right time

So,sekarang aku dah banyak deal dengan masa dan kerja and people.kadang kadang any free time i back to sdn bhd project.aku banyak bekerja dari bersuka ria .just sometime dan sekarang dah tak banyak masa untuk aku take a rest macam belajar diploma's really difference,since im fresh graduated students i shoudl gain a lot of experience in verbal or non verbal.almost 4 months banyak benda yang aku dapat baiki and the best part that i can feel is my confidence and communication skill with people.because a part of my works is to meet and educate people so it's a new job scope for me to handle .

i'm a dreamer

For now aku masih rasa macam student sebab maybe still younger *getting twenty-one and fresh graduated. so,mungkin take time untuk aku adapt dengan working any events or program that regarding to my passion and course, i will join macam time belajar .just i want to gain my experience and learn something new.when i become the one of participants i have to sacrifice my time and manage it to the grown.manage time for works and freelance project.and i did it last two weeks at Wakalab,Media Prima Digital which is develop apps within 24 hours with my teams and it's really interesting and i will share the program soon.

It could be interesting if you are computer minded / computer students!
Like seriously,i'm missing this social media ever!even always keep update on insta but here is lagi best !
just pray for my time to keep update my life here.
Till then,good bye.

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