Saturday, May 18, 2013

Inspiring Moments ++

Assalamualaikum to all of my virtual friends.First of all hello friends,hello teachers,hello sifu and at last of the intro is "HELLO WORLD" oh this type of word is remind me about java last last semester.[Ignore It] Totally I am really miss this type of "job" which is writing typing and then reading .Oh blogwalking,miss these kinds of my part time .I am already plan to update blog after final but how sad is I don't have anytime to update and story .If you noticed,my post is too long and I just post one in a month.Since my life hectic here.Yes,my time is too pack and limited.I thought I will get free of life after I stay up about three days before final.Yes,this is what Allah already plans for me.Allah has arranged these kinds of jobs to me.

When I'm back home there a load of work to do related to issues problem [Currently Issues][PRU13]. Actually,belum cukup dewasa masih lagi separa dewasa[Lupakan desas desus undi mengundi].Elok sampai rumah esok tu dah dapat call untuk kerja.Actually dah plan nak rehat rehat,rest my mind regangkan otot-otot but ohhhh.Somehow,I don't know if I CAN or CAN'T .I have to choose either one.Alhamdulillah,Allah give me a strength to work again.I work as a waitress as a part time job about one weeks than I am officially quit because I have some problems.So,these is what Allah want to test me.I went to Hospital Penang and take care of  Maksu.She has to fight her diseases with a high of risk.So if you count two weeks for this holiday is totally filled and already full with the activities that I never plan!And it is like torturing man.Rasa macam oh packnya life sekarang .Time is flying too fast which means I can't plan anything for the other 4 weeks left to meet another semester which is the climax part *How scared* I am not ready 100%.Believe me,dear friends.

p/s : Please find and press Crtl + F4 button if you are bored,Ctrl + Shift +T if you are interested then :D
[Back to the topic]
The precious part that keep inspiring me is when I am in the hematology ward almost a weeks.I learn a variety of strength,spiritual,emotional and life happening now.I am grateful because I am still a common person, not a patients .Yes,maybe I am not ready to face this "time".Being a part time doctor because it seem too early for me to know about these disease.Sincerely,in ward I am being a good listener for some patients with their own and differences problem and stories. Their story make my heart burst but I have to support them inside and outside and keep take care and pay attention to them.Doctor and nurse have many patients they don't have enough time to focus on one patients only.They have many patients that need them in one time.[Respect them]Sometime,at night I become a "nurse" for them become a listener and sleeping partner.I admit that being a doctor is not an easy not EASY!I am sincerely to take care of Maksu and other patients.I miss the moment in hospital with maksu,doctor,nurse,patients,guard and cleaner.It is an amazing experiences.After all,I got a bunch of strength because I knew there are another person has a tough life than me.I am grateful enough now.I learned how to be a grateful person today.
One word Alhamdullilah
In the ward I knew many people ,I got some friends and make friends with people around me.It is the best part .I am still improving my socializing skill.Then, I have English teacher that correct me if i am wrong when speaking with her.Auntie Ong that really talkative person.She is Chinese.I am comfortable when chit chat with her.She is like a predictor.She can explain our carrier and behavior.Even it is correct sometime but I am keep believing in Allah.Auntie got limpoma disease related to cancer .Red and white blood cells,platelets and other about blood.She actually try to be strong when she always inspiring me and other patient to be strong in life,.Deep inside from her heart I know she is trying to fight her disease inside.Who knows? 
[Hope to move on]
Every night she is screaming and crying because of unbearable pain. Same goes to Maksu got infected by gland cancer and I am responsible to support and give full of strength to Maksu. Please,be strong.We are here with you and will accompany you until you get a better life and "sembuh" like another patients yang hampir sembuh.I know you are strong. Cancerians is really scared because they always imagine to face a "death" after they fight .They know almost how much days and month they can bear with their disease.But they can avoid all of these feeling by praying to be strong and try to be strong to get a full of strength to fight what ever happen. Insyaallah,Allah will ease everything we do.

(Process of healing is to test our patient not our anger,if not just consider it is a test from Allah) 
Be strong! Life must go on!
Patients pain is on off so they have try to be strong at a time ,they don't have to wait for time because time always chasing for them.

Sebenarnya tak mudah untuk para manusia normal imagine macamana rasa nak lawan penyakit itu atau ini.
Hanya pesakit sahaja yang boleh rasa.Sakit orang lain-lain.Macam tu jugak masalah yang rasa terlalu berat untuk face and forget alone.Di mana saat orang lain susah nak rasa masalah kita.Hanya kita yang rasa jadi perasaannya sangat berbeza.The hardest part went we have to peram, pendam sampai dendam dan susah nak lepaskan.Sama jugak macam life yang kadang kadang rasa terlalu sayang untuk lepas dan lupakan hanya untuk sementara tapi sayang bukan selamanya.Jadi deal dan berjuang lah hingga ke penghujung pintu bukan hanya di tengah tengah kotak pintu yang sentiasa ada dan terbuka untuk lost anytime.Please be a loudest mindend person.Orang cakap "Try and fail,but don't fail to try"

Auntie always remind me "Take care of your health,please don't be like me because it is hurt, very painful and suffer but you are lucky person"
The last word I didn't get what she means.

p/s Entry kali ini agak panjang pulak.After this,I have to settle a bundle of things because my bro's wedding is around a corner.After a big day,I want to focus more on my FYP.Insyaallah.Pray for me.To all friends,readers and virtual friends you are invited :D 
Till then,


Anonymous said...

Panjang berjela but Interesting =)
Good job dear ... Pray and Doa for your maksu.. Get well soon yea maksu :DD


syafiqakarim said...

ai tgh cuti sem ni.

saja habaq

.FH. said...

Cra : Hahaha thanks la sebab sudi baca.Insyaallah maksu akan kuat :D

Syafiqakarim : Eh sayang .tengah cuti sem ke hahaha .jom la keluaq.

btw i pun tengah cuti sem
haha saja habaq jugak kihkihkih:D

fhae said...

I miss le aunty! I want to talk to her again cause well y'know me ahaks hehehe

Ninaaa said...

Panjaaaaang dan power!

Semoga yang sakit akan sihat dan yang sihat akn terus sihat.


.FH. said...

Fhae :I miss her tooo ;D

Nins :Thank you,dear dapat read sampai the end huhu.Insyaallah kita semua akan terus sihat
Doakan :D

iKhRam said...

amboi.. sibuknyer dia
teringat masa menjaga arwah atuk dulu..
sgt sunyi rasa hati..
tiada tempat nak berbual kernaa atuk bagaikan tidak ingat apa2.. hanya diam saja..

melihat macam2 kerenah pesakit..
apapun langit tak sebegitu cerah..
adakal kene juga belajar menghadapi kesulitan..

hrp cuti yg ada diahbiskan dgn perkara2 yg berfaedah..

gud luck utk weeding abg nnt k?

LelakiSemalam said...

x mudah sebenarnya hidup ini kalau x mahu terima apa yang mahu dia rancangkan.

.FH. said...

ikhram : tahu takpe .macam-macam kerenah.macam-macam bunyi tapi itu semua pengalaman.something new in my life.

Insyaallah cuti ni pun banyok kejo hoho.For wedding abg everything is done smoothly :) btw thanks.

LelakiSemalam: Proses penerimaan pun perlukan keyakinan yg high dan time yg maxima .