Wednesday, December 11, 2013

eleven twelve thirteen.

Untuk permulaan ini,banyak benda yang aku rasa terlalu low.Lower than ever.Rasanya semua celah celah kelemahan aku boleh rasa.Cuma satu aku masih tak dapat nak buat apa apa.Kenapa? Mungkin aku mengharapkan someone yang can bring me out to a new planet.Mungkit di situ aku boleh duduk makan tidur sahaja tanpa buat apa apa.Free from all.Tapi sampai bila? I'm pushed to think. So,along my journey I never skip my observation onto something yang really unique.Something that inspire me and i'm going to make a research about something yang i'am really really to know .It's all about future.Maybe before this ,i'm too much plan and target about future .But it doesn't turn into miracle .It's such a dreaming without action .So ,may I change? Forever and more i'm not going to takes time nagging here about future and future again .Maybe i'm think too much and it makes my brain down to the grown. So,ignore all those nonsense intro.bubbling is not my pleasure instead. Just to warm up my critical brain right now.Oh forgot today is eleven twelve and thirteen.any plans?

11.12.13 i have to clear it out or any other advice for me?
and I found 13.12.13 is more special for me .Idk know maybe thirteen is my number.
I wondered.Who i am standing for . Ohh too much thinking babe!
I keep wondering..

Why you keep haunting me again while i'm here .A part from all.Wae?

Why you keep mention me among your friends.Wae?

Am I always in your memory.

Do you really hate me after all ?

And last who am i for you to keep on those ridiculous memory and i'm swear it's just a coincidence.
just a coincidence and it's bring me into a trouble.

At last,let's break up with all tricky dreamy because you and me never has a beginning step and ending declaration.Cheers!

Am i too obvious without conscious? 
Anyway,i was influenced by the heirs drama 
 .I can't stop imagine and reminding who you are and who is me. 
I can't stop from thinking unless I'm died
Now I'm playing  Nelly - "Just A Dream"
Yes,Just a dream to forget everything.
and counting the heirs ending .
13.12.13 i decide to end this.


reenapple said...

Let's end it and move forward. Jangan toleh ke belakang lagi. Never.

FH said...

reen,i'm still keep moving.and well said it's going to the end.
hopefully !