Thursday, January 2, 2014

Already end.Bye 2013.Hye 2014.

It's running like a thunder coming until I realize that is going to the ending. Oh,before I'm started I just wanna say that two thousand and thirteen is really really means for me. Taught me everything from nothing until knowing.From lower to highest.From blur and start blinking.*Ting Ting Ting*

Kalau aku "resize width life" aku sepanjang dua ribu tiga belas .What can I say it such a big challenges that I had face ! What can I conclude is I'm pass with million of loves.Screaming like a hell because I'm free.Apa yang selalu aku risau,yang selalu aku fikir yang selalu aku expect is sangat memuaskan hati .Banyak benda yang aku hadap untuk tahun 2013,semua aku dapat handle.Banyak effort yang aku sacrifice untuk life aku. Banyak benda aku belajar nak puaskan hati aku yang selalu fikir bosan untuk setiap hari.Bosan itu ini,hingga akhir aku dapat jugak atasi.Bukan untuk being a overbearing person I just realized that I can and I do. Unbearable, I can pass dengan masalah project,masalah exam,masalah jiwa emosi and special case is masalah hati.So,i'm paseed ! Sekarang,semakin hari aku sibuk jadi banyak benda aku nak fikir.Alhamdulliah hati aku makin senang dirawat dan masih boleh diubat.
Tapi fikiran aku masih "remain the same" untuk yang bernama lelaki.Lain orang lain cara untuk menilai 'jiwa lelaki '.Janji itu ini akhirnya mati sendiri.Hanya itu aku tak boleh janji untuk change my mind untuk puaskan hati.
I'm real;y really hope dua ribu empat belas dapat buka pintu hati,buka mata hati,buka minda untuk explore yang lebih baik dari tahun ini.
Create something yang limited /extraordinary
I'm a little bit sad with the ending of two thousand and thirteen because i'm feel the tears in happiness. The big changes 2013 and 2014 is turning to family instead of friends aka roomates,classmates.Before this,most of peek time we complete and compete each  with fears,tears and cheers together. Spazz with emotion.Now,it's hard to stay together for all time because we are no more in one class and hostel.Please,being a good daughter/son for your parents.Haha.
.Stay strong and being together.
Just a moment we can create happiness,even in tears which is the ending part.A big of tears and apologize from me if any.
Good Luck dear friends,classmates.
Hopefully,we will meet again on Convocation Day and become a successful person in future.Yeah,this year is totally to the ending.
Believe it ! How sad :'/
Goodbye 2013.Hye 2014.

"Attract what you expect,reflect what you desire,become what you respect,mirror what you admire"

Dear 2014,
I hope I became stronger than 2013.
Two thousands and fourteen target,resolution and goals.
It's just a beginning,just trying and let's training.
Till then happy new year,wishing all of you achieve your dreams as well.
Have fun !
Salam Tahun Baru

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reenapple said...

Happy NEw YEar.. aku tak sabar nak tengok apa yang berlaku tahun ni. :)

Harap semuanya yang baik3 untuk kau.