Monday, April 30, 2012

It's nearly to the end

Tick tick tick,time flies.April is almost over.My semester is about to end.I've been slacking too much lately and letting my days passed with nothing beneficial been done.Yeah ,full time "in rest".just wasting
A month that give me a lot of memory which is i noticed or not.It's seem like ahh time flies so fast,really.
Time are not waiting for you babe!but you have to chase the time and use it wisely.
Remember that, the clock won't stop ticking .Then,try to appreciate it.
This is horrible when i have to prepare well for my last two paper.I'm not sure whether i can do well in my exam or not since the subject is tough which is held on the same day .Everything just get tougher by time.Hurmm these two subject contribute 3 credit hour and i'm not hesistate to take it easy.I have to work harder to support my pointer for this sem.Eventhou,i know i couldn't achieve like last semester.But i'm really hope that i will pass all subjects.
I'll try my best to satisfy myself.Not others.
May Allah give the best for us.

Last but not least,
I've packed my things up to go back home and enjoy my holiday :D
Nothing's better than home
Totally miss my family
Later peeps,good evening hikhik :)
Assalamualaikum :)

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