Monday, June 18, 2012

Buat abah ;)

Assalamualaikum dan selamat malam
Finally,Finished!Fuh ...act today is a wonderful day for us *siblings hehehe
We had celebrate Happy Father's Day with a lot of suprise to abah
Yes,I know same goes to mother's day .all these things are last minuted plan for sure!
Aku memang suka last-last minit punya plan haha.Pergi cari cake malam-2 buta nih tadak la pulak
Nak angkat secret recipe pun bajet lari huahauhaua
Then,we try plan B we bought an ice cream and a cone so we share it together .
Along is with us too.Susah dia nak ada kat rumah.First time cuti panjang.
We give abah a tie .then a hug and kissed.wish Happy Father's Day *whispered*

We all sambut dekat pondok abah kat luar rumah hehe.malam-2 angin sepoi-2 bahasa gitu hehe
Abah syok habis la.
Makan ice cream tak hingat .I did'nt expect he will eat extremely.haha
Then,my sisters and I feel free and wahhh awesome.berbaloii la we all round satu KB tu
Bakery shop semua dah closed ;( round round we got an idea.then terus beli ice cream hehehehe
Alhamdullilah,everything run smoothly.I'm greatful enough.Thank God give a wonderful ,sporting and funny family which is can make me smile all the time.
Yes ,sometime we got mad with our sister,brother,mother,father,but we didnt realise that
if we think and think that's is a reminder for us to fight ourselves to become a people.
Then,it will proud our parents and family.I hope so one day :D
Lastly,my father to me is <3
thanks abah for everything that u had cheer me :D

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