Thursday, July 12, 2012


Assalamualaikum and a very good morning.normally speech wahahaha
Totally miss my hometown  i'm here away from my family,brothers,sister siblings >.<'
Unbelievable, when I open my eyes ,buka tingkap and what i just can see a view from PMS.
yes,i'm not in my room :)
via sonia
About 3 days I have to ready to catch up to get up .to list out,.to plan
and the point here i have to get accept that i have to attend a class from monday to friday .
Sound like ,my life would be hectic soon :'(
Semalam,dah siap settle semua registration fee and signed attendent.okay.
Act it seem rushing when my roomate and i,miss our room key when we taked a bath haha.automatic locked!
Hahah maybe it's a musibah wahaha.satu pengajaran perlu diperbaiki .hope this incident wont happen after this.hoping it is the last .yea's maybe a habit.i have to remove out these habit to recycle bin wahaha.
So,after two months mid sem break,meet my friends,old friends,ohhh's such a moment that i really miss haha
segala telatah,kerenah,gelagat yang sentiasa ketawa.maybe for this time .belum ada tekanan.HAHA.
i would say,the day when your friends are reaching their higher mentality
here we go :)
 dak psycho
mummy and daddy*romantic gitu*
then granny below :)
kyusyuk bercerita 
serius bebenau
till then ,bye :D
.mood :lapau


Farhan Hasanah said...

Wah so beautiful Sonia. Hihihi cepat la balik i nak shoot jugak. Lol

Yana_SaljuPuTIh_ said...

granny yg sentiasa comel...hahahahah

.FH. said...

erkkkk raya nanti ye sayang.nanti nak beli baju raya bagitaw huhu

.FH. said...

ome comel ke haahahaha.